In keeping with K.W.Doggett Fine Paper’s proven commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, we proudly achieved our PEFC Chain of Custody Certificate in 2009. The highly regarded Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) seek to transform the way forests are managed globally and locally. We believe the dual FSC and PEFC endorsements are a benefit, so we can offer you an even wider choice of responsible paper grades. We have a strong commitment to PEFC and its values. We agree to maintain and implement the standard to a robust and detailed level.

What is PEFC?
The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an international non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in 1999. Based in Geneva, Switzerland it is dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management, through independent third-party certification.

PEFC is an umbrella organisation; it works by endorsing national forest certification systems developed in a way which balances the interests of all stakeholders, ensuring that no one interest dominates and is tailored to local priorities and conditions.

PEFC accredits organisations (like SCS Global Services) who offer certification to forest managers, manufacturers and others (like KWD) that meet these standards and who use or produce wood-based products that are PEFC certified. This allows companies to gain recognition in the community and by their customers through the use of a trademark systems.

  • Through multi-stakeholder processes, PEFC have developed unique sustainability benchmarks to ensure international compliance with sustainable forest management.
  • The PEFC eco label provides recognition to customers and consumers that support the growth of sustainably managed forests with the highest ecological, social and ethical standards.
  • With about 30 endorsed national certification systems and more than 230 million hectares of certified forests, PEFC is one of the world’s largest forest certification system.

Difference between PEFC and FSC
Essentially they both stand for the same thing: Responsible forest management worldwide. Yet, they’re backed by two different parties. FSC is backed by environmental and social interest groups, such as WWF and Greenpeace. PEFC is governed and backed by the forest industry and a board of trustees.

  • FSC have the same rules globally
  • PEFC is more flexible and tailored to local priorities and conditions

PEFC Product Labelling
The requirements for PEFC product labelling are less tightly governed than FSC, but are as equally strict. This is to protect the trademark and ensure the PEFC eco-labels and any claims associated with it are used accurately.

To use PEFC labels and or wording (i.e. PEFC, PEFC certified) on your product/publication, the printer must be PEFC certified. Printers do not need logo approval, they are self-audited.

If the product is a PEFC certified paper, but is not being printed by a PEFC certified printer, the use of PEFC labels and or wording cannot be used. As an alternative, the company may apply for a one-off logo usage of the PEFC logo, to allow them to use the logo for ´off-product´ promotion ie on marketing collateral. If an environmental tagline for your publication is still desired, please contact your K.W.Doggett Fine Paper specialist.

If you have any concerns about a PEFC logo or invoice, please call us.

K.W.Doggett Fine Paper obtained its Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Chain of Custody certificate across all sites in October 2009. Registration No. SCS-PEFC/COC-000869.

Become PEFC Certified
To obtain PEFC certification, you will need to be evaluated by an approved auditor. A PEFC certifier will look at your company, the size, scope and complexity of your operation and then determine how long an audit will take and its associated costs. The certifiers will then provide a questionnaire or step guide to help assess your level of progress in meeting the PEFC standards.

For further information, or to find an approved auditor, please visit the Australian Forestry Standard Website (AFS). The AFS has been endorsed by PEFC for forest management. Please note the button ‘Get Certified’ is located on its own tab of the homepage.