This story begins in the late 60s when Ken Doggett first started selling paper for Wiggin Teape Shoalhaven paper mill. In 1975, at the age of 30, Ken made a bold move and borrowed a desk in the office of T.T.Eadie to start the K.W.Doggett Fine Paper business. The rest, as they say, is history.

Ken found new customers and took orders while his wife Christine made the deliveries in the family car – paper in the back, kids in the front. Ken’s first warehouse was so big he thought it would last him a lifetime. Little did he know it was the first of six moves in Victoria alone.

The next chapter started a decade later when in 1985, Ken asked his younger brother John to join the business as a sales manager. The two brothers created a winning combination, always remaining hands-on and customer focused. Business flourished and in 1993, they opened the Brisbane office. In 2003 came Sydney (after the acquisition of Jaeger Fine Papers) and in 2008, the Adelaide office opened its doors.

The second generation of Doggett’s started working in the business in 1997. Ken’s eldest son Simon is our current managing director. He was the first to join, steering the company in a more professional and strategic direction. In 1999, Ken’s second son Nathan, began marketing paper to designers and print specifiers. The distinctive purple doggie theme was created by David Lancashire Design in the same year. In 2004, Heath, his youngest son, joined as a paper representative and in 2007, John’s daughter Catherine joined the marketing team.

Today there are still six Doggett’s working in the business. As the old saying goes, never mix business with family right? Not true for the Doggett’s. The six family members all get along, even with their completely different personalities. As a collective, their commitment is to build a sustainable business for current and future generations and proudly stand by the fact we’re Australia’s only independent, family run paper merchant with a national footprint.