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You can’t choose paper from a computer screen! Before you make a decision you need to see what you’re getting. Feel it, fold it, scrunch it then spend some time thinking about it. To help you with this process, we can send you samples as well as mock-ups.

We have talented staff working in each of our samples departments. They can create everything from roll folds to perfect bound books. Send us your request online or if you have any special requirements, please call your local samples team for some advice.

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Please upload a file we can use as a reference for your mock-up. File format can be a JPEG or PDF (max size 2MB)

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Sample quantities

Order quantities below (you can order up to 4 products for each category).

Max. 2 x A3 sheets per product
Max. 4 x A4 sheets per product

Max. 2 x A4 sheets per product

Max. 2 envelopes per product

You can order two mock-ups per specification (max of 2 specifications per order).

If your requirements differ to anything listed above, please contact your local samples department.