10 February 2017 Brewery_1

VoPP Outback Brewery case study

Here's an affordable example of direct mail that boosted sales and brand awareness for Outback Brewery. It shows how a clever idea combined with print helped push online sales. Read more

5 December 2016 0 - cover-green

Our 2017 Calendar ‘A Cut Above’

Henry Matisse, this one's for you! Our 2017 calendar by students and industry folk from SA and VIC is a homage to the 'cut-outs' series he created with nothing more than scissors and paper. Read more

29 November 2016 2016 Christmas Card tiled

2016 Doggett Christmas Card

Merry Christmas peeps! Our 2016 Christmas card is so bright that we reckon it could probably give you a sunnies tan line. Read more

22 August 2016 popset2

Pop’Set bubble gum scented postcard

If you're after brightly coloured paper for small runs, the Pop'Set range is great. Add a scent and you've got yourself a creatively executed marketing piece. It's sensory branding at its best. Read more

28 July 2016 Queen-header

VoPP Pantone Queen case study

Check out Pantone's super successful targeted direct mail campaign, featuring the many colourful outfits of Queen Elizabeth. Their DM efforts resulted in massive online reach. Read more

28 July 2016 dance11

Pentagram’s Abbott Miller designs Dance Ink magazine (again!)

Take that people who say print is dead! One of Pentagram's designers, Abbott Miller and publisher Patsy Tarr have teamed up again to bring 'Dance Ink' back to life. Read more